A story of life, of colourful life, of good humour, of creation, a story that is a quarter of a century long and above all a story full of surprises... and with more to come! 

A sense of elegance, colour and fun since 1993

SABRE is the story of Francis Gelb who comes from a family of goldsmiths. Carried by a respect and an unlimited passion for the craft trades, he worked with his family before creating in Paris, in 1993, his own House of Cutlery: SABRE. A name that also reflects his vision : break the monotony in tableware, combining, for the first time, through genuine craftsmanship along with freedom of colours, shapes and materials.

Behind each cutlery collection, there are five different trades involved, all transmitted by expert craftsmen. From metal stamping to shaping and polishing the handles, sharpening the blades to assembling and polishing parts, each manufacturing step follows its own gestures, atmosphere and rhythm.

SABRE was born out of a resolute conviction that it was possible to marry usefulness and pleasure, avant-garde and tradition, expertise and freedom. Each item is thus the result of traditional savoir-fairs and a hitherto unseen artistic freedom, which fosters colours, patterns and the mix of new materials.

The paramount factor of this success is its subtle and bubbly audacity. A poetry of materials, shapes and colours. Just like Arthur Rimbaud with vowels, SABRE dresses up cutlery, offering an infinity of combinations. It is up to each and everyone to pick their palette of colours in order to turn their table into a unique sharing and lively place.