Meizan is a long-established Shigaraki ware pottery that has been in business for 400 years since the Edo period. Since then, Meizan has continued to make pottery that takes advantage of the warm earthy flavor unique to Shigaraki ware, and to this day, we continue to create Shigaraki ware that fits modern lifestyles while cherishing the high level of technical ability and trust that has been inherited.

Meizan is pursuing and making commitments to feel the warmth of the clay and people’s warmth. Each product is carefully handmade by craftsmen.

The delicate and nerve-wracking work relies on the feel of the soil with the fingertips and the craftsman‘s intuition cultivated through daily work. Even though the products have the same specifications and are lined up neatly, if you look closely, each one has a slightly different expression, which gives it a deep flavor.