STH. CLAY represents something made by clay. 

We admire the Mother Nature always giving us the resources to create the beauty of life.
We admire the designers and artists who put their hearts in beautifying people's daily lives.

Inspired by the love of life, STH. CLAY TABLEWARE AND HOME online lifestyle store was launched in November, 2021. Our mission is to bring you an extraordinary daily experience through well designed tableware and housewares that we collected worldwide.

We promise to bring you not only fine tableware but also the feeling of heart-warming, the sense of peace, and happiness.

Explore the beautiful stories behind each piece of tableware with STH. CLAY. Enjoy every moment that you spend with yourself, your family and your friends, knowing that you are always the one who has been loved and deserve the BEST!

STH. CLAY will always be here to bring the BEST for you. ALL you need to do is just to CHEER for life!