Fog Linen Work Oval Basket
Fog Linen Work Oval Basket
Fog Linen Work Oval Basket
Fog Linen Work Oval Basket
Fog Linen Work Oval Basket


Fog Linen Work Oval Basket

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Fog Linen Basket series made from thin black wire.
It is a simple and lovely impression unique to handmade products. It is a storage option suitable for any sized space, whether being used to hold warm rolls at a family dinner, or apples on a small apartment island. Oval baskets are also used for seasonal fruits and vegetables in the kitchen, hand towels in the sanitary room, and cups and flowers in the living room.

As it is a feeling of compact size, I play an active part in various places. It has a handle, so it is easy to carry. It's also nice to put the bread on the cloth and put it on the table as it is. The handle is movable.

W 20 x D 16 x H 6.5 cm
Made in India

*Please note that this item is hand-made and each will exhibit its own character. Variations will occur in the texture of this hand-made item.



Fog Linen Work is a Japanese lifestyle brand founded by Yumiko Sekine during the late 1990s. With an international following, Fog is well known for its range of linen housewares + clothing, as well as its developing collection of wood, brass, and metal objects for everyday living. Read more...



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