Galette Knife - Lettering
Galette Knife - Lettering
Galette Knife - Lettering
Galette Knife - Lettering
Galette Knife - Lettering
Galette Knife - Lettering
Galette Knife - Lettering


Galette Knife - Lettering

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The 100% hand-crafted Gallet Knife reveals the sensual of the potter, and features rough and natural lines.

Who doesn't need a cool butterknife to show your individual taste?

This product includes one butterknife only. If you would like to shop the SET that includes a pottery plate, please click on the link here:


  • Size: L15cm
  • Material: pottery
  • Color: black lettering
  • Brand: onoffmansion

Country of manufacturer

  • South Korea


  • Dishwasher safe✅, please note that the repeated use of dishwasher may result in faded prints.
  • Microwave oven/Safe✅
  • Oven/Safe✅
  • Any unauthorized use of Onoffmansion's designs or photos will result in legal liability.

Check the Plate + Knife SET here:


Onoffmansion (ONF) is a Korean brand that provides the best handmade quality decoration for your interior. Onoffmansion concept is based on an 'on' and 'off' life combination. We live through a social life, we share our taste and our daily smiles. Nevertheless, we also enjoy our own intimacy, where nobody would disturbs us.


    * Please note that due to the pottery making process, the entrance or edge, and the surface may be uneven or uneven.There may be air bubbles, air bubble holes, glaze flow marks, glaze agglomerations, residues, spots, etc., that occur during the manufacturing process. Due to the nature of handmade products, there may be slight differences between products, such as sizes and shapes that are not uniform. Product color may vary depending on monitor resolution and photo image. Please note that these are within the standards for non-defective products before purchase.

    * Please be noted that accessories and background products shown in the product image are not included because they are for shooting. Pictures are only for reference.