Hirota Glass Taisho Roman Tokusa Tumbler - 5 oz
Hirota Glass Taisho Roman Tokusa Tumbler - 5 oz
Hirota Glass Taisho Roman Tokusa Tumbler - 5 oz
Hirota Glass Taisho Roman Tokusa Tumbler - 5 oz
Hirota Glass Taisho Roman Tokusa Tumbler - 5 oz
Hirota Glass Taisho Roman Tokusa Tumbler - 5 oz


Hirota Glass Taisho Roman Tokusa Tumbler - 5 oz

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Hirota Glass Taisho Roman Retro Glass Goblet - Checkered Short

Exquisite handcrafted glassware elevates your daily life experience and makes for exceptional gifts!

From the designer: Tatsuo Hirota

Taisho Roman Milk Glass is a unique Japanese craft glass utilizing the traditional technique of "aburidashi," which was prevalent during the Taisho era. Reviving a once-forgotten method, this artisanal glass showcases the ephemeral beauty of opalescent hues, achieved through skilled temperature control during shaping. Its romantic milky-white patterns are not painted but emerge delicately as the glass is molded. Available in a variety of designs, from sleek to intricately detailed, it adds a charming ambiance to any space.


  • Size: Φ6.4 x H9.2 cm
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Material:Soda-lime glass
  • Color: transparency + milky white (pattern), bottom: black
  • Brand: Hirota Glass
  • Packaging: Gift box

Country of manufacturer

  • Handmade in Japan


  • Handwash with soft sponges only
  • Not suitable for microwave oven
  • Not suitable for oven
  • Please be careful as there is a risk of glassware breakage due to sudden temperature changes.
  • Any unauthorized use of STH. CLAY TABLEWARE AND HOME's photos will result in legal liability.

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Hirota Glass was founded in Tokyo in 1899. One of the oldest glass manufacturers in Tokyo. Glass manufacturing, which was introduced from Europe in modern times, merged with Japanese aesthetics and created a uniquely Japanese design. Hirota Glass continues to create products that harmonize with modern interiors by inheriting traditional manufacturing methods such as Edo Kiriko and blown glass that have been handed down by hand, based on valuable design materials that have been handed down to the company since its founding.

    *Due to the manufacturing process of glass products, the edges may be uneven or uneven. There may be bubbles or water marks, glass flow marks, residues, spots, etc. on the glass surface or transfer that occur during the manufacturing process. Due to the nature of handmade products, there may be slight differences between products, such as sizes and shapes that are not uniform. Product color may vary depending on monitor resolution and photo image. Please note that these are within the standards for non-defective products before purchase.

    * Please be noted that accessories and background products shown in the product image are not included because they are for shooting. Pictures are only for reference.


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