Zero Japan Ceramic Canister - 14oz
Zero Japan Ceramic Canister - 14oz
Zero Japan Ceramic Canister - 14oz
Zero Japan Ceramic Canister - 14oz
Zero Japan Ceramic Canister - 14oz

Zero Japan

Zero Japan Ceramic Canister - 14oz

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Zero Japan Ceramic Canister - 14oz

A canister made of ceramic with stainless steel fittings. The canister has a structure that can be easily opened and closed, yet it is highly airtight, making it ideal for storing items that are sensitive to moisture. Ceramic is impervious to light, so it will not alter the quality of the food inside.

The ceramic container has been widely proofed as a perfect container for storing coffee beans.


  • Size: Φ10.5 x H12.6 cm
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Material: Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Silicone
  • Packaging: Individual box

Country of manufacturer

  • Japan


  • Dishwasher safe✅, silicone needs to be removed.
  • Not suitable for oven and microwave oven.
  • It is okay to put hot water.
  • When storing the contents, fill it only about 3/2 full. You must leave a space for internal pressure.
  • Any unauthorized use of Zero Japan's designs or photos will result in legal liability.


About Our Canisters:

Our best-selling canisters have been lovingly utilized by 10 million people around the world since its first creation in 1980 for its timeless and classic design. ZERO JAPAN craftsmen were one of the first ceramists to seamlessly combine ceramics, steel, and silicone together to create modern and highly functional canisters.


*Due to the nature of ceramic products, there may be slight differences between products, such as sizes and shapes that are not uniform. Product color may vary depending on monitor resolution and photo image. Please note that these are within the standards for non-defective products before purchase.

* Please be noted that accessories and background products shown in the product image are not included because they are for shooting. Pictures are only for reference.